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DireWolf Dog - Silver River


Thank you for your dedication to this great new strongbred™ dog,

the American Alsatian dog.



  1. Active Waiting Families for our current litter(s) will have an asterisk next to their name.
  2. You will automatically be considered inactive for the upcoming confirmed litter(s) if you do not contact us to let us know of your interest.
  3. You have until the puppies are four weeks old to contact us and let us know of your interest.
  4. When the puppies are four weeks old, we will individually contact each active waiting family in deposit order.
  5. At that time, we will bold the current person's name on our waiting list who is open to choose their puppy. 
  6. Please contact us right away if you would like to change your status or have questions regarding the process. 



none at this time





1: Christopher V: 08-09-2012

2: Keiko K: 07-20-2013 

3: Alyssa G: 08-13-2013

4: Christa F: 09-23-2013 (waiting on the side)

5: Vanessa P: 11-18-2013

6: Jenny L: 03-20-2014

7: Ariella A: 03-30-2015

8: Brenda T: 03-31-2015 (waiting until 2019)
9: Katherine K: 07-05-2015

10: Victoria L: 07-08-2015

11: Maximo R: 07-18-2015

12: Shirley R: 08-06-2015 (waiting on the side)
13Sebastian B: 08-21-2015

14: Bethany/Tyson B: 09-26-2015

15: Woniya W: 10-06-2015

16Karen N: 12-11-2015 (waiting on the side)


17: Miha K: 01-02-2016

18: John W: 02-03-2016 (1)

19: John Q/Annie B: 02-03-2016 (2)

20David P/Eric E: 02-09-2016

21: Kent Ch: 02-10-2016

22Jessica A: 03-01-2016

23: Robert Mc: 03-15-2016

24: Nikki B: 03-16-2016

25: Rae E: 06-04-2016

26: Emma F: 09-25-2016

27: Jordan N: 11-02-16

28Nate C: 11-30-2016


29: Beth R: 01-10-2017

30: Sherri T: 01-13-2017

31: Alyssa F: 04-12-2017

32: Stephanie Ch: 06-17-2017

33: Chris/Cristina C: 08-03-2017

34: Susan R: 08-04-2017

35: Dawn O: 08-22-2017

36: Alicia S: 08-24-2017 (1)

37: Kate S: 08-24-2017 (2)
38: Riley M: 09-05-2017

39: Diane/Haley P: 10-31-2017

40: Alberto J: 12-27-2017


41: Kristina P: 01-19-2018

42: Michael/Angie J: 01-29-2018

43: Jill B/Matt W: 02-05-2018

44: Austin K: 03-01-2018
45Greg B: 04-04-2018

46: Judy/Thomas W: 04-16-2018

47: Malinda Sp: 05-03-2018

48: Meghan K: 05-27-2018

49: Aiden J: 06-17-2018

50: Dana/Tracey B: 08-10-2018

51: Brian B: 08-14-2018

52: Adam T: 08-25-2018

53: Alex K/Besiana L: 08-27-2018

54: Jolene Z: 10-17-2018

55. Karis R: 12-07-2018

56: Mary E: 12-21-2018

57: Julie A W: 12-27-2018

58: Brad E: 12-31-2018


59: Larry St: 01-06-2019

60: Beverly C: 01-07-2019
61: Ron D: 01-10-2019

62: Scott B: 02-10-2019

63: Tammy W: 02-16-2019



Replacement puppy List:


Kevin W

Christa F

Caitlin V
Katie D

How It Works


  1. The nonrefundable deposit is $600 dollars to be placed on the waiting list for one of our American Alsatians.  Your deposit will be deducted from the total amount due for the puppy at the time of sale.
  2. After you have completed a puppy adoption questionnaire, been approved, and have placed a nonrefundable deposit down with us, we will place your name on our waiting list here, on this page, in deposit date order.  
  3. When a litter has been born, each family on our waiting list has until the puppies are four weeks old to contact us if you wish to choose a puppy from the current litter. It is your responsibility to ask questions and know about the puppies and which one(s) you may be interested in before they are 4 weeks old so that when the time comes, you'll be prepared to choose your puppy.  
  4. You will remain on our main waiting list with your deposit date intact if you do not contact us and therefore choose to wait for a different litter.
  5. When the puppies turn 4 weeks old, we will considerthose who've contacted us as "Active Waiting Families" and will then be in regular correspondence with them in the order of their deposit date to discuss each family's needs compared to each puppies' needs.
  6. As soon as you are identified as an "Active Waiting Family" and you receive an email reply from us in deposit order that it is finally your turn to choose, you may purchase your puppy by signing a purchase contract and sending payment in full.
  7. A puppy is considered "sale pending" when the contract is signed and "sold" when paid in full.    


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We are here for you and will work to answer all of your questions promptly.