DireWolf Dog - Tudor


Tukon's Tutchone von Ana (Tudor)

Born: 11-13-2019

Sire: Yukon, Dam: Anastasia


National American Alsatian Registry (NAAR) #: YA2003-4

Generation: F2

Hips: TBD Elbows: TBD
Height: TBD   Weight: TBD
Eye Color: amber Coat Color: silver Coat Length: long
Conformation Score: 8.5   Temperament Score: 8



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Pedigree Chart


Boss Hammer
Elwin Torch


Boss Hammer







Yukon is extremely healthy. He has not had any tremors, seizures, weakness in the legs or feet, limping, panosteitis symptoms, issues with his eyes or ears, excessive scratching or other allergy symptoms, soft stools, etc. He runs, jumps, lopes, lies down, etc without any difficulty. He has never showed signs of pain or any symptoms of illness at any time. He is extremely healthy and vibrant. Tudor is now being DNA tested and we will post the results when they become available. 



Tudor is a smart dog with a keen awareness of his surroundings. He is more on the submissive and is not dominant in the least. He is not a bold and confident dog and always asks permission before exploring where he wants to go. He does have his own mind, however, and clearly wants to do things his own way. He seeks to respect from humans and wants desperately to be liked and loved for who he is. He is on the submissive side of life and can be easily manipulated by other, more dominant, dogs. He is a follower in this way and does not seek to take head position, preferring to remain below the others in the pack. That being said, he is not secure in this position and does not want to be trampled on because he is sensitive emotionally. He is indifferent or aloof to strangers and easily differentiates between those he knows and those he does not know. He requires socialization training to become more secure around unknown people, dogs, and environments. He lacks confidence in himself. Tudor is highly bonded to his owners and looks to them for direction. He is interested in exploring the world around him and seems to have a more difficult time waiting his turn when he is excited. It is currently unknown whether he has heightened prey drive at this time. We will update when we know further. Tudor is highly alert to her surroundings and takes in many things all at once. He notices a great deal happening at a good distance and uses clear discerning skills to make decisions simply by watching how others interact. He is not much interested in playing and is more on the serious side of life, although he loves to go for walks and run down the trail. Tudor is not sound sensitive and does not instinctively fear thunder or gun shots. He has a very low pain threshold and it does not take a lot of pressure before he communicates his displeasure. In other words, he easily yelps out in pain from even minor afflictions. 



Tudor is an extra-large silver wolf gray dog with a wolf mask and amber eyes. Tudor is on the chunky side of the spectrum and broad in his shoulders and rear. He will likely reach 150 pounds as an adult and stand at least 30 to 31 inches tall at the shoulders. His legs, both front and back, come straight down without any tendency toward pigeon-toed, cow-hocked or bow-legged. He does not have a tendency to trip over obstacles, but has a very easy gait and glides along as he trots. He has a nice straight back with high rump. Tudor's tail is slightly long length and curves up slightly when he is happy or excited. His tail does not curve completely over his back, however. He has a arrow-shaped head and large erect ears. He shows dark pigmentation without any tendency toward white spotting. Tudor has proper teeth alignment and his muzzle is a bit long in length overall. Tudor has excessive fluffy undercoat and sheds profusely during the season changes. Everything sticks to his long, fluffy coat such as: brambles, stickers, and other debris.



Tudor does not have any known faults in health. His temperament is nervous with a marked lack of confidence. Tudor possesses too much fluffy undercoat and a thinner shape to his head than is desired. His ears are too large and his eyes are too dark. His tail curls more than desired and his rump is slightly too high in the rear as a pup. 


What He Will Consistently Produce: 

silver wolf gray coloring

amber eyes

erect ears

straight back

excellent health

black pigmentation, no white spotting
wolf masks


Medical History:

born: 11-13-2019