DireWolf Dog - Tsar


Vallecito's Tsarevna Swan (Tsar)

Born: April 20, 2019

Sire: Silver River, Dam: Anastasia


National American Alsatian Registry (NAAR) #: RA2003-3

Generation: F3

hips/elbows: TBD DNA: https://my.embarkvet.com/dog/tsar
Height: 30   Weight: 110
Eye Color: yellow Coat Color: dark silver Coat Length: Medium
Conformation Score: 9   Temperament Score: 9.5



Dire Wolf Project - DireWolf Dogs - Tsar - American Alsatian Dog


Dire Wolf Project - DireWolf Dogs - Tsar - American Alsatian Dog                    Dire Wolf Project - DireWolf Dogs - Tsar - American Alsatian Dog


Dire Wolf Project - DireWolf Dogs - Tsar - American Alsatian Dog


Puppy Pictures


Dire Wolf Project - DireWolf Dogs - Tsar - American Alsatian Dog


Dire Wolf Project - Tsar - DireWolf Dog - American Alsatian Dog


Dire Wolf Project - Tsar - DireWolf Dogs - American Alsatian Dog



Dire Wolf Project - DireWolf Dogs - Tsar Temperament - American Alsatian Dog

                              O = Tsar's Temperament

                              O = Ideal Temperament

Pedigree Chart

Dire Wolf Project - Silver River - DireWolf Dogs - American Alsatian Dog

Silver River

Harpo Kerberos
Aspen Merlin
Lady Igraine

Dire Wolf Project - Anastasia - DireWolf Dog - American Alsatian Dog


Boss Hammer




Tsar is extremely healthy. He has not had any tremors, seizures, weakness in the legs or feet, limping, panosteitis symptoms, issues with his eyes or ears, excessive scratching or other allergy symptoms, soft stools, etc. He runs, jumps, lopes, lies down, etc without any difficulty. He has never showed signs of pain or any symptoms of illness at any time. He is extremely healthy and vibrant. Tsar has been DNA tested and is clear and not a carrier for over 172 different canine genetic diseases. His coefficient of inbreeding is 17% with high immune diversity. 



Tsar is sweet and loving. He loves attention and affection from people. Tsar is on the submissive side of things and does not take charge over others. He backs down fairly easily from conflict. Tsar is indifferent to people and other dogs that he does not know, but he confidently goes up to anyone for a pet. He could take them or leave them, though, and prefers his people family and the familiarity of the dogs with which he lives. Tsar is not nervous in new places, people and dogs. He only required confidence training through socialization in order to familiarize himself with places/sights/sounds outside of his home. Tsar is highly intelligent. So much so that he can easily manipulate and problem solve a situation to get his way. As a very young puppy, he showed a strong desire to sit calmly with his human companions and just be with them. Tsar is calm for the most part, but can also desire play and more active interaction from those he loves. He is extremely quiet without a tendency to bark or verbally carry on. He loves to run about the yard and is busy looking and sniffing from here to there on a walk. Tsar is alert to his surroundings and easily sees things of interest from great distances. Tsar has some prey drive, but not excessive. He will chase scents a short distance and look for things to pick up, but nothing extreme. Tsar is touch sensitive, yielding to touch easily. He does not require much touch in order to react. He is confident and self-assured, though, so he does not yield easily if the human lacks confidence. He can take a slightly firmer hand and not be bothered. Tsar is not bothered by loud sounds in the least. He does not tremble at thunder or gun shots. It takes a lot for Tsar to show that he is in pain. 



Tsar has a lovely medium length coat with thick straight fur. He is a dark tri-silver wolf gray in color with a black mask and yellow eyes. He has no white spotting. Tsar has a longer tail that lies flat with a tendency to curve at the tip. He has a longer thicker mane, called a cape, that is soft and lush. Tsar has a broad frame and a heavy weight and is appropriately tall for our breed standing 30 inches tall at the shoulders. Tsar shows a thick bone structure, but small-sized feet. Tsar has a short thick neck and body length is correct. Tsar has a straight, firm back without a tendency to rise at the rump. Tsar has a minimal stop and slanted eyes. His ears rose completely at 6 months of age. 



Tsar currently shows no faults in health. Tsar shows no faults in temperament. Tsar shows small feet and a longer tail, which are undesired in our breed. Tsar shows an excessive black mask where the black expands over his forehead and descends down the chest.


What He Will Consistently Produce:

yellow eyes

silver wolf gray and recessive black colors

thick bone structure w/ heavy muscling

erect ears

slanted eyes

longer capes or manes

straight coats

long or short tails

large size

solid black pigmentation

black masks only

long and medium length coats

small feet


Medical History:

born: 10-05-2018