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When you first set eyes on your new puppy from DireWolf Dogs of Vallecito, LLC, it will be well socialized and have experienced a great deal of Lap Therapy™ It will now be your turn to take the next steps to creating a well mannered and friendly dog.  


First of all, before you even get your puppy, you can prepare yourself by knowing what you will allow and not allow from your new companion.  What are your rules?  We recommend that you write them down so you don't forget.  Remember that you will need to become the pack leader.  Dogs are very social and body language is their form of communication.  Place your new puppy at the bottom of the pack and you will be much more able to control any misbehavior that may arise.  It is easier with the American Alsatian as they were bred to be more submissive and attentive to humans, but you will have to do your part.  If you choose to allow your dog to run your life, you may find some behaviors starting to appear that do not look like the companion dog you envisioned.  


We feel so strongly about the necessity of becoming your dog's pack leader that we send each of our new-to-dog-ownership American Alsatian dog owners Leerburg's extensive 2 hour "Your Puppy, 8 Weeks to 8 Months" DVD.  We also provide an American Alsatian dog socializing guide that fits perfectly with our dog breed's gentle personality. Utilizing these tools will help you develop a well-adjusted, well-mannered companion dog that will give you joy for many, many years to come. 


Here's a link to a video that describes our philosophy of training in a way that helps your relationship with your dog and allows for a strong bond/friendship between you both.  This type of training is called Positive Marker Training and is used by prominent competition obedience trainers as well as therapy and service dog work.  Enjoy.


Michael Ellis' Philosophy of Dog Training


Here's an example of a well-trained American Alsatian.

Training done by DireWolf Guardian™ private non-profit American Alsatian dog training program.


DireWolf Dogs are extremely quiet and calm compared to large working breeds. Their mellowness and watchfulness create a perfect condition for training. They easily pick up soft sounds and slight body movements because they pay attention to their surroundings without having to train them to focus. They are sensitive to correction which makes explaining the rules easier. They also do not need a lot of repetition to learn.  My girl, Cricket, picked up the bark alert sequence (a 5 step task) after showing her the steps once. She amazed us all.


However, they are still dogs. Just as a hyper dog bred for working can be trained to be more mellow and laid back, a dog that is generally laid back and calm can be trained (intentionally or unintenionally) to become more hyper and eventually exhibit unwanted hyper behaviors. I've been able to accomplish more drive in our two search dogs who needed to have more energy than they normally show me in order to find lost people.  So, be mindful of how to teach your puppy your rules.  


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