What Strongbred Dog Breeders Know


DireWolf Dog - Strongbred Dog - American Alsatian - Skipper - Dire Wolf Project

Photo: Skipper DireWolf Dogs - American Alsatian - Dire Wolf Project - Strongbred Dog

  1. Superior health and longevity can be accomplished in all dog breeds, without excuses for size. Therefore, all dogs can and should be bred for superior health and longevity before any other need.
  2. Regular and systematic crossbreeding increases genetic diversity, improving overall breed health.
  3. Thoughtful inbreeding is necessary to solidify traits common to a dog breed and to eliminate devastating genetic diseases.
  4. Breeding for extreme looks is harmful to all dog breeds and should never be practiced or endorsed.
  5. Dog breeds should be bred toward specific and thoroughly written standards and not altered to fit the ever-changing whims of human desire.
  6. The responsible creation of new breeds of dogs that fit a new human need is a healthy and viable evolution of the dog species.
  7. Temperament is genetic and can be significantly altered through breeding; therefore, temperament should be included in all dog breed standards.
  8. Genetic temperament tests can and should be performed on very young dogs in order to show their true genetic nature without environmental influence.
  9. Time is short; therefore, health and temperament improvements to the breed should occur without delay.
  10. There is no need to waste time waiting for formal health testing results that are not common diseases within a particular breed. Therefore, formal health testing is only necessary for diseases that are common to the breed. Informal health testing in as many areas as possible is a necessity.
  11. All breeders within a dog breed have an obligation to improve their breed toward its standards and should work together, not be in competition with one another.

strongbred dog - American Alsatian - DireWolf Dog - Stanley - Dire Wolf Project

Photo: Stanley Ipkiss DireWolf Dogs - American Alsatian - Dire Wolf Project - Strongbred Dog


    Strongbred Dog breeders are the future of healthy, long-lived dogs!


    strongbred dog - Lovie - American Alsatian - DireWolf Dog - Dire Wolf Project

    Photo: DireWolf Dogs - American Alsatian - Dire Wolf Project - Strongbred Dog


    DireWolf Dogs are strongbred dogs because:


    - They are bred for health and longevity before any other reason and we do not compromise on this point. 


    - They are bred to have a naturally wild look with no extreme appearance goals.


    - They fill the void in the dog species of a dog breed bred solely as a large breed family companion dog.


    - Each DireWolf Dog breeder works in conjunction with the National American Alsatian Breeder's Association and the Dire Wolf Project to benefit each and every dog within the breed. 


    strongbred dog - Skipper - DireWolf Dog - Dire Wolf Project - American Alsatian

    Photo: DireWolf Dogs - American Alsatian - Dire Wolf Project - Strongbred Dog