Dire Wolf Dog - Shennara

Corona's Shennara von Merlin

Born: 10-11-2016

Sire: Merlin, Dam: Corona


National American Alsatian Registry (NAAR) #: M/AC2001007

Generation: F2

Hips: good, Elbows:norm DNA: https://my.embarkvet.com/dog/shennara
Height: 28 in   Weight: 95 lbs
Eye Color: yellow Coat Color: silver wolf gray Coat Length: short
Conformation Score: 9   Temperament Score: 9


Dire Wolf Project - American Alsatian dog - DireWolf Dog - Shennara


Dire Wolf Project - American Alsatian Dog - Shennara - DireWolf Dog


Dire Wolf Project - Shennara - DireWolf Dog - American Alsatian Dog


Dire Wolf Project - Shennara - DireWolf Dog - American Alsatian Dog


Dire Wolf Project - Shennara - DireWolf Dog - American Alsatian Dog


Dire Wolf Project - Shennara - DireWolf Dog - American Alsatian Dog


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Shennara's Pedigree

Dire Wolf Project - Merlin - American Alsatian Dog - DireWolf Dog





Dire Wolf Project - white German Shepherd Dog crossbreed


German Shepherd Dog
German Shepherd Dog


Dire Wolf Project - Storm - DireWolf Dog



Dire Wolf Project - Rosie - DireWolf Dog




Shennara is extremely healthy. She has not had any tremors, seizures, weakness in the legs or feet, limping, panosteitis symptoms, issues with her eyes or ears, excessive scratching or other allergy symptoms, etc. She runs, jumps, lopes, lies down, etc without any difficulty. She has never showed signs of pain or any symptoms of illness at any time. She is extremely healthy and vibrant.


Shennara is a somewhat submissive dog and chooses to yield to other dogs with more dominance. She is appropriately indifferent to strangers and strange dogs, differentiating between those she knows and those she does not know. She accepts friendly touch and is not aggressive with other dogs, preferring to avoid any conflicts. Shennara has a higher prey drive and is highly interested in chasing small animals such as birds, squirrels, etc. Shennara also loves to run and has a giant stride that takes her long distances without much effort. She is on the independent side of life and likes to have her own way. She is not as attentive to her humans as we need in the breed and prefers activities she wants over doing with another wants. Shennara is highly alert to her surroundings and notices movement from a distance. She recognizes touch easily and it does not take much touch for her to show acknowledgement. Shennara is not afraid of thunder, gun shots, or loud noises. Shennara has a high pain threshold and it takes a lot of real pain before she yelps or makes others aware.


Shennara is a light silver wolf gray coloring with a black mask and yellow eyes. Shennara has a long back and a short straight tail that does not have a tendency to curl. Her ears did not rise, but they are small in size. Shennara stands 28 inches tall at the shoulders and weighs around 95 pounds. 


Shennara is too independent and energetic for our breed. Shennara uses high pitched whining when frustrated or wanting something. Shennara's body is too long and her ears did not rise. She has a thinner bone structure and smaller feet. 

What She Will Consistently Produce:

  1. yellow eyes
  2. light silver wolf gray coloring
  3. long body
  4. 28-29 inches tall
  5. short tail
  6. short and medium coat type
  7. erect and drop ears
  8. slanted eyes
  9. straight tail
  10. high intelligence
  11. thinner undercoat

Medical History: