Irish Wolfhound/Malamute - Rosie

My Wild Irish Rose (Rosie)

Born: 02-10-2013

Dam: Ahwna, Sire: Greyhawk's Mount Rainier

4 months old

3 Months Old

10 Weeks Old

Rosie is an Irish Wolfhound / Malamute cross and is NOT an American Alsatian.  She will become a foundation stock dam in order to bring diversity to the American Alsatian breed as well as set the head and body structure of the Dire Wolf look.  She is extremely sweet in nature and intelligent beyond measure.  She does have an attitude and sometimes wants to do things her way, but we will train her through mark and reward to help her see her own potential.  Her mother is an AKC purebred Irish Wolfhound named Awhna and her father is an AKC Alaskan Malamute (giant type) named Rainier.  


Due to her Irish Wolfhound roots, we will be watching health extremely carefully.