Responsible Dog Ownership


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New Dog Owner

Code of Ethics


All responsible new dog owners agree to:

  1. Have their dog examined by a licensed veterinarian within seven (7) days of bringing their dog home (preferably within two to three business days).
  2. Ensure that their dog is always cared for both physically and emotionally, including by providing proper shelter, food, water, exercise, grooming, human contact, stimulation and protection from bodily harm.
  3. Take care when socializing young puppies to minimize the risk of contracting infectious diseases such as parvovirus or kennel cough and avoid public spaces with dogs of unknown health status (e.g. pet stores) until the puppy is fully vaccinated.
  4. Encourage puppies to interact respectfully with healthy, vaccinated adult dogs only such as those owned by family members and friends at your home or theirs.
  5. Not frequent dog parks or other facilities, such as doggie day care, where groups or packs of unknown dogs run/play off leash.
  6. Appropriately train their dog to be respectful and well-mannered in all situations.
  7. Use containment strategies to properly teach their dog to respect boundaries and remain in a safe location without difficulty or strain. 
  8. Not sell or trade the dog to any pet shop, wholesaler, or broker for any reason whatsoever.
  9. Seek immediate veterinary care in the event of sickness or injury.
  10. Unless otherwise agreed upon with their breeder, do not breed their dog for any reason.
  11. Keep the breeder informed of any physical or behavioral health problems that arise, especially health problems that are known to be heritable or that have unknown causes.
  12. Notify the breeder, regardless of the reason or circumstances, if they are ever unable to keep their dog so that the breeder can either take the dog back or help in rehoming them. 
  13. Notify the breeder of any change of address and/or phone number for their records.
  14. Keep in touch with their breeder and send them periodic pictures and updates. 


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