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Good puppy health starts before the little ones join us in life.  Cleanliness is a habit that we must practice every moment of each day to keep our dogs happy and healthy.  We routinely watch for a number of common dog ailments and prevention is key when it comes to health concerns.  Infectious diseases are certainly a legitimate concern, however, we do not over pamper our dogs and keep our facilities so sterile that our dogs cannot build up natural immunities to life's many unseen diseases.  Below are a few of the things we do to bring good health and happiness to our dogs at DireWolf Dogs of Vallecito, LLC.


Before Your Puppy Arrives

  1. All kennel facilities are constantly monitored for waste material, which is removed at the very least once a day.  
  2. Our dogs drink fresh, clean water both in the house and in the kennel area.
  3. Kennels are cleaned with a diluted bleach mixture (8oz to 1 gallon water) twice a month.  The bleach mixture is left to sit for 20 min. and then rinsed thoroughly and dried before dogs are allowed to re-enter.
  4. Females are naturally trained to enhance their instinctual cleanliness habits by only being allowed to live in a clean environment and by being brushed and groomed regularly.  When a female enjoys clean surroundings and a clean coat, she develops a natural desire to keep herself and her puppies clean as well.
  5. Stool samples are regularly checked for all worm types, giardia, and coccidiosis.  If anything is found, we promptly medicate according to veterinarian recommendations and thoroughly clean all supplies and living areas to reduce the possibility of reinfection. 
  6. Each pregnant female is given a rich protein diet with added vitamins and minerals throughout her pregnancy to enhance the ability to produce good nutrition and disease immunity to her puppies.  We feed Loyall Life (Chicken or Lamb and Brown Rice) with added Nupro.
  7. The whelping room as well as all supplies needed for the birth are cleaned and sterilized.
  8. Just before birthing, the mother is allowed to use her natural instinct to dig and move around vigorously which contracts her birthing muscles and helps to push the babies in and down the birth canal in a natural way.  

Birth to 8 Weeks

  1. Birth - The mother is allowed to clean her puppies as this stimulates her natural bonding, nursing and protection hormones.  The mother dog's vigorous licking, pushing and carrying also stimulate tiny little lungs and hearts to beat strongly.  For these reasons, we rarely interfere with the natural birthing process unless the mother is having complications.  We do have a veterinarian on alert at this time just in case.
  2. 2 weeks old - Puppies are given the first dose of roundworm medication.
  3. 4 weeks old - Puppies are given a second dose of roundworm medication.
  4. 6 weeks old - Puppies are given a third dose of roundworm medication.
  5. 7 weeks old - Puppies take a trip to our veterinarian to check for the following:
                         a. eyes - discharge, redness, cloudiness, third eyelid up, hair loss
                             b. nose - discharge, crusty, foreign material
                             c. ears - redness, discharge, odor, dirty, swelling, hair loss
                             d. mouth - correct bite, discharge, abnormal gum coloration, crust and 
                                  scabs at corners
                             e. body - redness, foreign material, hair loss, wetness, dryness,
    oiliness, sores, scabs, scaliness, discoloration, descended testicles
                             f. general - dehydration, discomfort, hotness, possible hip problems, 
                                need for cruciate surgery
                             g. health approval for air travel
  6. 10 days before traveling home - Puppies receive a 10 day regime according to weight of Safe-guard for giardia elimination and Albon for coccidia elimination to ensure that no parasites travel home with your puppy. 
  7. 8 weeks old - Puppies receive their first dose of DA2PP (5-in-1), modified live virus:
                          a. Adenovirus Type 2
                          b. Parvovirus
                          c. Parainfluenza
                          d. Canine Distemper
                          e. Hepatitis 

8 to 20 Weeks Old

  1. 12 weeks old - Puppies receive their second dose of DA2PP. 
  2. 16 weeks old - Puppies receive their third dose of DA2PP.
  3. 20 weeks old - Puppies receive their first rabies vaccine (Merial Killed Vaccine Imrab TF).


Puppy Vaccination Schedule
8 Weeks Old DA2PP
12 Weeks Old DA2PP
16 Weeks Old DA2PP
20 Weeks Old Rabies Vaccine (1 Year)
1 Year Old Rabies Vaccine (3 Year)
Boosters Titer testing for proof of continued immunity

The health of our dogs 

is paramount!



Not only do we strive to breed only the healthiest large strongbred dogs, but we follow strict health standards for our dogs and puppies at home, too. 


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