DireWolfDog - Odessa


Sooner Von Der Schwarz ROM (Odessa)


Odessa is the mother of the breed.  She was born in 2001 and is now almost 11 years old.  All puppies born from 2002 on have her blood running through them.  She whelped her last two litters here at Vallecito Alsatians and is now retired.  We are very fortunate to have her with us at Vallecito Alsatians so that you can see where the breed has come compared to where the breed is now.  She was a great mother and nurtured her puppies well.  Even to this day, if she hears the squeaks of little puppy voices she will perk her ears and give a little whine for those by-gone days when she was a mother to her own litter.  Odessa is a very loving dog.  She is quiet and lumbering and absolutely loves affection.  She has those striking yellow eyes that bring apprehension in those who visit, but she is very sweet when she calmly approaches to receive a stroke.


  Odessa's paw print in the snow 2010.