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Six weeks: 8-10 lb puppy (3 cups)


7 am - 1 1/2 cup

11 am - 1/2 cup

3  pm - 1/2 cup

7 pm- 1/4 cup

10 pm - 1/4 cup


Eight weeks: (2 mo) 10-15 lb puppy (4 cups)

ADD RICE to meat above

7 am - 2 cups

12 noon - 1/2 cup

5 pm- 1 cup

10 pm- 1/2 cup


Ten weeks old: 15-20 lb pup (5 cups)

MORE MEATS AND BONES (slightly cooked whole chicken)

7am- 3 cups

1 pm- 1 cup

7 pm- 1 cup

10 pm- treat


Twelve weeks old: (3 mo) 20-30 lbs pup (6 cups)

7am- 4 cups

1 pm- 1 cup

8 pm- 1 cup


Five mo. - twelve months old:(8 cups)

7 am - 4 cups (1/4 whole chicken slightly cooked)

4 pm - 4 cups

1 hour before bedtime (treat)


Two years and older: (8 cups)

7 am - 4 cups (1/4 whole chicken slightly cooked)

4 pm - 4 cups


MEAT:  When meat is used as a ration, it is completely digested and assimilated.  The result is a small stool. Most dogs will eat grass and this provides roughage.  This roughage removes anything within the intestines that may be blocking or coating it.   Sometimes grass may bring out worms as they get caught up in it.   Grass eating is a dogs instinctive method of preventing auto intoxication or poisoning


Wild canines do eat fruit such as pears, apples and grapes off vines or that have fallen off the trees.

Liver: is a good feed for dogs as an occasional meal. Liver is a laxative when given to dogs who are not used to it.

Beef Heart:  Great

Tripe:  Excellent for puppies and grown dogs.

Lamb or Mutton:  Great change from beef.

Bones:  Do not over cook them. Give as many as they will eat.

Bones of birds:  Do not cook.  If not cooked, there is no problem with splintering.  If cooked they can splinter causing cuts in the esophagus as the dog swallows.  



Here is a video of how we feed our adult dogs:


Feeding our Dogs -  Do not free feed. Our dogs need to grow 100 lbs in one year and they need to eat so here is what I do:


I first feed kibbles of a good quality all the pup can eat. When the pup leaves the dish without any distractions, he is done. Remember how much he ate.

Take the bowl away and now add your additives. Add a blender mixture of about 1 tablespoon of this gravy over the kibbles and mix it in. Let him eat.. when he is done, pick the dish up, now...


Add the chopped up meat and mix that into the gravy and pour this over the kibbles. Because some dogs pick the meat out, I will put the meat in the blended gravy and mix it in the kibbles. The gravy is made out of (eggs,Lanatone, vitamins, bone meal, alfalfa, wheat germ, cottage cheese, and/or yogurt)


Yes, I want the dog to gorge. It is all right for our dogs to gorge. It is what canines do. They are not human and they do not do things like we do. As he gets older he can stop gorging but as a puppy, they gorge and eat all they can till their bellies are popping. Then they sleep.


When the pup gets up, he will have to go outside and he will poop a lot.  About 30 min later, he may poop again. One hour later he may poop again.  Then, he will sleep.

Feed your puppy four times a day when you first get him, then three times a day. continue twice a day for a whole year, then you can go once a day. Once a day, a dog/canine, will gorge the meat. They may pick berries, grapes, rotten apples, grubs, dirt, and water from streams, but when they attack an animal for meat, they gorge, then sleep.

They are most active in cool weather and at night. During the heat of the day, they sleep.

Think like a canne, remember he comes from many thousands of years off the Dire Wolves' ancestral tree.


So, most of all, I FEED my puppies. I MAKE them eat, then I feed them again...

If you FREE FEED, the dog gets use to having his food anytime he wants, it also makes the dog become less dependent on you.


Antioxidant usage:

Vallecito Alsatians, LLC is a proud distributer of Protandim, a potent dietary supplement 

significantly increasing antioxidant defenses in both humans and canines, reducing the effects of premature aging.  


We use this dietary supplement on all of our dogs as soon as they reach maturity.  

If you would like to know more about this product for your own American Alsatian, please email me.

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