DireWolf Dog - Nadine


Born: 01/16/2009

Nadine's Puppy Pictures


Nadine was born on January 16, 2009 and is 4 years old.  She is 26 inches tall and weighs 83 pounds.  Her mother was Isis and her father was Beamer.  They were both silver sweethearts.  



Nadine is very healthy.  Her eyes, ears and heart are all normal.  She doesn't have any trouble with movement and can jump and run without strain or stress.  Nadine has never had any symptoms of panosteitis, tremors, disorientation, seizures, etc.  



Nadine is a very sweet-natured female.  She waits for any opportunity to come over and snuggle and loves to receive affection.  She has learned all the basic commands such as sit, come, lie down, no, and up.  As a puppy, Nadine was more energetic than we ultimately want in our breed.  She received a 7 in temperament and an 8 in conformation at that time from the Schwarz Kennels.  She has since mellowed and is quiet and calm as per our breed's standards.  Nadine is a dominant female with others in her pack when she is pregnant or has puppies.  She has learned to stand up for herself if needed.  



Nadine is a tall dark silver female with amber eyes.  Her face is extremely dark and she has dark fur in her ears and on her chest.  The pads of her feet are all black with black toenails.  She is a shorter haired female, which will bring a nice short thick coat in her puppies.  When Nadine was almost two years old, she met with a pack of coyotes and barely survived.  She had deep wounds on the left side of her neck and shoulders.  Her left ear is, as a result, a bit mangled.  However, she healed well and does not show any signs of residual pain or discomfort.  This has, however, caused her to 'not quite look right' on that side.  It has not effected her gate or movement, which are superior.  She seems to glide across the ground with a straight back and tail.  Very impressive.  



Nadine has smaller bones and feet than we ultimately want in our breed.  Her left ear did not rise, even before the coyote attack.  Nadine's eyes are a bit too dark and are not slanted as much as we like.  



Nadine brings a great calm, loving personality as well as excellent health.  She is sweet and affectionate without being pushy.  Nadine also brings a taller frame as well as a perfectly straight tail.  She is a silver and will only produce silvers.  She has dark skin pigmentation. 

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