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For a decade now, DireWolf Dogs of Vallecito, LLC has bred DireWolf Dogs of beauty, intelligence, and character. Our DireWolf Dogs are confident, trustworthy, affectionate companions. We firmly believe that early socialization in a stimulating setting brings out the American Alsatian dog's marvelous, versatile personality and enriches his entire adult life. Begin the process of obtaining one of our beautiful DireWolf Dogs by completing our


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UPDATE: May 13, 2021


The Neverland Litter (Zukes/Florin) has been officially confirmed!! 


The Dragon Litter (Stanley/Darla) has arrived!!



DireWolf Dogs - Dire Wolf Project - American Alsatian Dog






The Frontiersmen Litter
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Dire Wolf Project - DireWolf Dogs - American Alsatian Dog - Meriwether

Dire Wolf Project - DireWolf Dogs - American Alsatian Dog - Calamity Jane


'Meriwether' Lewis

Puppy #2

NAAR #: SC4001-2


Coat Color: black/tan w/ white leggings

Collar Color: purple


Calamity 'Jane'

Puppy #10

NAAR #: KR5001-10


Coat Color: gold wolf gray w/ black mask

Collar Color: red


Meriwether is a large black/tan female with two white socks on front legs. This puppy has a broad head and amber colored eyes. Meriwether is a very sweet-natured female with a lower energy and a calm demeanor. She doesn't make waves and love snuggling and affection. This puppy is a fifth generation American Alsatian dog and will be excellent for most any family. She did show a slight stubborn tendency as a very young pup, but hasn't shown any stubborn tendencies since that time. Quiet, calm, gentle, sweet, loving, intelligent, and overall great pup. This puppy has been DNA tested and has the genes that could continue in the Dire Wolf Project. If she doesn't sell for what she is worth, then she will remain here with us to help the project in the next generations. 

PRICE: $4200.00


Calamity Jane is a large gold sable female with a black mask and white toes on all of her feet. This puppy is broad and muscular in appearance. She also has yellow eyes. Early in life, Calamity Jane used her body to show discontent when manipulated during the standardized temperament tests; however, since then she has mellowed quite a bit and shows an impeccable all-around great, stable personality at this time. She will be a great family dog for many different types of families. She is slightly reserved, but will be highly devoted and sweet/loving in nature. She loves to snuggle and receive calm affection. This girl has a strong degree of patience and will be loyal with a keep intelligence. Great pup for a great price!


PRICE: $2900 - SOLD


Dire Wolf Project - DireWolf Dogs - American Alsatian Dog


Dire Wolf Project - DireWolf Dog - American Alsatian Dog






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DireWolf Dog - American Alsatian - Dire Wolf Project - DireWolf puppies


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DireWolf puppies - DireWolf Dogs - American Alsatian - American Alsatian puppies - Dire Wolf Project


DireWolf Dog - American Alsatian - Dire Wolf Project


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"No symphony orchestra ever played music like a two-year-old girl laughing with a puppy."

                ~Bern Williams







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