DireWolf Dog Crossbreed - Elwin



Born: 05-20-2016

FOR SALE: $1200



OFA Hips: TBD OFA Elbows: TBD
Height: 26 in Weight: 95 lbs
Eye Color: brown Coat Color: white, wolf mask Coat: Length: Medium
Conformation Score: 8 Temperament Score: 5










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                                    O = Ideal American Alsatian Temperament

                                    O = Elwin's Temperament


Pedigree Chart

(Elwin's pedigree is known, but cannot be displayed publically to protect the breeder). 


Pictures of Elwin's parents:


                                    DAM                                                                                SIRE



Elwin is extremely healthy. She is vibrant, energetic, runs, plays, and his generally happy. She has not shown any ill health thus far, but we are watching her closely as she grows and update as we find any new developments. 



As a crossbreed, Elwin has a much different temperament than the typical American Alsatian. She is always happy and shows her contentedness at all times. Nothing seems to get her down. She is a very dominant type of dog, meaning she does not bend to another's will very easily. For this reason, if you consider a puppy from Elwin, you must understand how to consistently train with unwavering rules, no matter how cute and sweet your puppy is. Elwin has learned through repetition and consistency to follow our set of rules, but she could have easily manipulated the situation because she is exceedingly cute and persistent. This comes from her innate dominant temperament feature. Coupled with this, Elwin is a hard type of dog and can take a LOT of pressure before she flinches or changes her direction. Not only does she take a lot of physical contact, she enjoys harsher physical contact and so any soft or gentle correction is seen as a game and fun, not a correction at all. Elwin is also confident and very self-assured. Again, the combination of these three traits (confidence, dominance, hard) create a dog that is happy-go-lucky all of the time, but does what she wants when she wants it... unless you lay down the rules and not give in to playful, cute, confident, and VERY persistent puppy. Surprisingly, Elwin is actually a very bonded type of dog. She keeps boundaries relatively easily and has a strong desire to remain close to her people. She is also a very friendly dog and does not know a stranger. She is eager to meet others including other dogs and due to her confident has no fear approaching them. Again, you must be aware that she will throw this highly friendly confidence in her puppies and you must work right away with your puppy (starting the first day you receive your new puppy) to sit upon being pet and have the patience to "wait" until the command is given to approach with respect. Elwin has a higher play/prey drive than a typical American Alsatian and so she enjoys fetch and playing with toys, chewing, and chasing. She loves to walk and go long distances with her family. She could play for hours and not tire. Elwin is not sound sensitive and does not mind gun shots, thunder, or fireworks. Also interestingly, Elwin has a LOW pain threshold and when in real pain she yelps and screams as if she is dying. This is an inherited trait, so we may see this also in her puppies. Elwin is highly alert and is always aware of her surroundings. She also has an excellent memory and uses all of her senses to "know" about her surroundings. She is also highly intelligent and learns quickly, when she knows it is in her best interest to do so. So... she knows what is expected, but challenges boundaries to see if the rules have changed. She is never upset at being corrected and it seems more like she WANTS to find out and is happy to know that there is consistency. She seems to say, "Just checking" all of the time. ;) 




Elwin is a very large female with a broad back and thick stature. She has a pointed muzzle that narrows or tapers at the nose. Elwin's head is shaped like an arrow. Elwin has a lively gentle slope to her stop and her eyes are highly slanted in a very almond-shaped wolfish stare. Elwin has brown eyes and is a solid white coated dog with no mask. We are not sure at this moment is her light mask is due to white spotting or the "no mask" feature. We will need to breed her to see which she possesses. Elwin has a VERY thick wooly coat with almost her entire coat being made from her thick, soft undercoat, which dominates over our longer, harsher outercoat almost completely. Her short, thick tail does curl over her back most of the time, but when relaxed her tail lies down. She has erect ears that are well-furred and tall for the size of her skull. Elwin has smaller feet with white toenails, which indicate white spotting, at least on her lower feet and legs. Elwin has deep, black pigmentation with lovely black eyeliner around her eyes. Although Elwin "looks" very wolfish in her appearance, she actually possesses many features that are not found in wolves and so it is only an illusion. 




Elwin does not currently have any faults in health. Elwin has many faults in temperament, which are described above in the section on temperament. She is nowhere near American Alsatian temperament and so this is one of the most important aspects for us on choosing a puppy from her to move on in the generations to see if her line will help advance the American Alsatian in the future. Elwin has much too much fuffy undercoat, her feet are too small compared to her frame, her tail curls over her back, her ears are too tall, her head too narrow and her muzzle just a bit too long and tapering. Her stifles are not as angulated as needed. She is a bit too boxy being the same length as she is tall. 



What She Will Consistently Produce:

1. Elwin will consistently produce her temperament. 

2. erect ears

3. white coloration

4. thick, wooly undercoat

5. curled tail

6. highly slanted eyes

7. brown to amber eye coloration

8. straighter stifles

9. white spotting



Medical History:

born: 05-20-2016