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Dire Wolf Project - Breeding Practices Revealed - Nonfiction Book




Table of Contents




Burden of Proof
When someone claims something, anything, they have the burden of proof, meaning, they must prove their claim if someone disagrees. 


Logical Fallacies
Logical Fallacies are when someone makes an error in their thinking strategy, whether deliberately or unknowingly. 



Research Confirmation Bias
Research Confirmation Bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one's preexisting beliefs or hypotheses.


Responsible Breeder
I will be looking at the term responsible breeder and what the beliefs are behind it.


The Founder is Bonkers
I will be speaking about Lois Schwarz, quoting her and explaining content that others deem as bonkers

God's Breeding Plan
God's Breeding Plan will be fully explained as well as logical proofs for God's existence and why we must believe in a higher power as breeders of this project.


Strongbred Dog
Strongbred Dog will be defined and compared to purebred dogs.


Health will be discussed; the good, the bad, and the ugly


Temperament will be discussed and why we believe in standardized temperament testing at young ages.


Companion dog? Why?
I will discuss what makes a companion dog and make the case for the need for a large breed family companion dog in our modern age.


I will discuss what inbreeding is and how we use it in our breed.


I will discuss what crossbreeding is and how we use it in our breed.


Ebb and Flow Breeding Model
The Ebb and Flow Breeding Model is what I call going back and forth between inbreeding and crossbreeding. I will give an overview of the natural aspects of this model and why we use it in our breed.


First Heat Breeding
I will make the case for breeding on the first heat in this chapter.

Standardized Testing?

I will discussion testing for temperament and make a case that standardized temperament testing can be done on newborn puppies and puppies that are three weeks old. 

Breeder's Association
I will present the breeder's association and why we adhere to one.


How Long Does It Take?
I will discuss the different aspects of the breeding program, what is most important and how long it takes [even with breeding on the first heat] to get to where we are going. 


Can the Dire Wolf Project Even Happen?
I will discuss the different breeds that have various aspects of the Dire Wolf bone and body structure and whether combining different breeds would even be able to produce an exact replica. 


Bernese, Newfie as Large Companion Dogs?

Some people claim that the Newfoundland and the Leonberger should be considered family companion dogs. I will state the reasons why this is not the case and how we can claim to be the first large breed companion dog. 

Shiloh Shepherd vs American Alsatian
Some people state that the Shiloh Shepherd Dog is the same [or so similar as to appear the same] as the American
Alsatian. I will discuss the differences and why we should not be compared to the Shiloh Shepherd Dog.


Doesn't Look Like A Wolf
I will discuss the wolf look and how we will achieve this, but why we are not yet already there.


Isn't It All Just About Game of Thrones?
I will discuss the Game of Thrones, when it originated and how we differ from the magical Dire Wolf created by George
RR Martin. 


Motivation for Money? 
I will discuss owning a business and how it is important for a business to make a profit, but I will also discuss how the breed separates making money and improving the breed for the breed's sake. 


Future Endeavors
I will discuss what lies ahead for the Dire Wolf Project.


Future of the Dog
I will discuss how the Dire Wolf Project can be a model example for other breeds of dog and why it would benefit the entire population of domesticated dog.

Appendix A - Logical Fallacies Chart

Appendix B - List of Logical Fallacies


Appendix C - Defining Terms

Appendix D - Dire Wolf Project Breeder's Health Foundation

Appendix E - How to Debate Dog Purists and Activists




Dire Wolf Project - Skipper - DireWolf Dog - American Alsatian Dog


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