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Dire Wolf Project

Creating an Extraordinary Dog Breed


The book goes live on Amazon April 1, 2019.




Dire Wolf Project - Breeding Practices Revealed - Nonfiction Book


From the founder:

"The author, Jennifer Stoeckl, has written a very informative and highly detailed book full of truths and facts about the dog breeding acre. She comes directly from her experiences. This book presents a comprehensive and in depth development of The American Alsatian or the ‘Dire Wolf Project’ through-out its early years, today and our dreams of tomorrow. Jennifer encompasses a wide range of factual evidence, and excerpts from resources of the many animal and human authorities on the subject of breeding and temperament. It all makes the book a valuable source of information for educator and amateurs of nature and animals. This book is an excellent referential and educating work by a reputable author and person. This book contains the most outstanding and important aspects of Breeding quality dogs and directly takes on the most skeptical of persons that continue to believe in the words and statements of the naïve. This author unfolds the truths before you, right here in this book, so that you can see exactly what is real. What I think the readers will like the most is all the stories she puts into this book to break up all the information, facts and tables. She does take an authors privilege to color some of the stories but stays true to herself and what she has seen. Get out the Kleenex. Jennifer Stoeckl was thrown into my world of dogs the creation of a new breed for this century and she dove into getting the truth for herself. Many can learn from her experiences if they would just open this book. I am the crazy, loving, kind, dedicated and knowledgeable mother she speaks about in this her first in-depth book of breeding this new breed of dog. She writes as she has seen it in her life. She has valid evidence, deep analysis and carries the new age ideas of the old concepts and debunks the ol’ wives tales. I love books and I am a collector of books, mostly animal books, books of truths, research books and lots of dog related books of all topics. The topic of this book is my expertise. Because animal breeding, training, teaching, grooming, showing has been my life for over 50 years, I have read hundreds of books on animals and particularly dogs and how to raise, breed and show them. Most of the books I open I can tell in the first chapter, even in the forward, if the book is worth my time reading. I will allow a few ‘lies’ but as I read on, if I see that the author does NOT know what they are talking about, or they are lying, I can NOT finish reading the book. I read Jennifer’s entire book, though I did skip over some of the ‘too in depth’ paragraphs in which I felt I did not need to read. For those of you that want to know; for those of you that THINK you know; for those of you that crave the truth and for those of you that can face the truth you should read this book. I would keep this book in my library and intend to. I rate this book as a 10 in information and knowledge and a 10+ in the wonderful, colorful detailed stories told through out the book. I wish there were more! I HIGHLY recommend you read this book. Buy it, read it and put it in your library as the day will come when you will refer back to it. I am sure this is only the first in a series of others that will follow. I have inside information on that. lol" - Lois Schwarz, Dire Wolf Project Founder



Table of Contents



Forward by: Lois E Schwarz

Burden of Proof
When someone claims something, anything, they have the burden of proof, meaning, they must prove their claim if someone disagrees. 

Logical Fallacies
Logical Fallacies are when someone makes an error in their thinking strategy, whether deliberately or unknowingly. 

The Responsible Breeder
I will be looking at the term responsible breeder and what the beliefs are behind it.

The Founder is Bonkers
I will be speaking about Lois Schwarz, quoting her and explaining content that others deem as bonkers
God's Breeding Plan
God's Breeding Plan will be fully explained as well as logical proofs for God's existence and why we must believe in a higher power as breeders of this project.

Canine Health
Health will be discussed; the good, the bad, and the ugly

I will discuss what inbreeding is and how we use it in our breed.

I will discuss what crossbreeding is and how we use it in our breed.

The Strongbred Dog
Strongbred Dog will be defined and compared to purebred dogs.

Inherited Dog Temperament
Temperament will be discussed and why we believe in standardized temperament testing at young ages.

First Heat Breeding
I will make the case for breeding on the first heat in this chapter.

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
I will discuss the wolf look and how we will achieve this, but why we are not yet already there.

The Dog's Future
I will discuss how the Dire Wolf Project can be a model example for other breeds of dog and why it would benefit the entire population of domesticated dog.

Appendix A - List of Logical Fallacies

Appendix B - Defining Terms
Appendix C - Dire Wolf Project Breeder's Health Foundation
Appendix D - How to Debate Dog Purists and Activists

Appendix E - Dire Wolf Project Temperament Tests




Dire Wolf Project - Skipper - DireWolf Dog - American Alsatian Dog


What people are saying about the book:

"Jennifer Stoeckl delivers a masterful and loving tribute to her mother’s, Lois Schwarz, legacy. She lays out the foundation of the Dire Wolf Project through meticulous research and scientific articles, giving both the pro and con of each controversial topic; from “God’s Breeding Plan” to “breeding on the first heat” to “temperament testing”. Jennifer Stoeckl acknowledges the “nay-sayers” with grace and tolerance, but remains steadfast and resolute in her beliefs in the Dire Wolf Project. The reader is drawn into her world through her delightful and intriguing stories, pulling your heartstrings for the loss of friends and furry-friends. This book gives insight into the Dire Wolf Project and the possibility of what is to come for the American Alsatian. Truly this book is one that can be, and should be, read many times over." - Tammy Warren