DireWolf Dog - Cricket

Cricket is an F2 outcross out of sire: "The Beam of My Eye" and dam: "Annabel, Our Sweet Adelaide."  She is not a purebred American Alsatian since her genes are too close to the last outcross.  She is one of our spayed females who is in training to become a certified search dog through Search and Rescue Dogs of Colorado.  We belong to Upper San Juan Search and Rescue in Pagosa Springs, CO.


Cricket is extremely loving to all no matter if she's met them before or not.  She is confident and self-assured, although a tad independent with commands given by anyone other than my husband.  She pouts when you tell her 'no' and she smiles broadly when she is happy.  


FYI: In the video you will see that Cricket's ears were up at 8 months old, but then dropped back down as they were weak.  This was due to her closeness to the outcross lines.