DireWolf Dog - Bazooka


Q'Leanna's Bazooka von Al

Born: 12-31-2019

Sire: Al, Dam: Q'Leanna


National American Alsatian Registry (NAAR) #: AQ2001-2

Generation: F2

Hips: TBD, Elbows: TBD DNA:my.embarkvet.com/dog/qleanasbazookaballvonal
Height: TBD   Weight: TBD
Eye Color: amber Coat Color: light gold Coat Length: medium
Conformation Score: 8   Temperament Score: 9



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Dire Wolf Project - DireWolf Dogs - American Alsatian Dog - Bazooka


Dire Wolf Project - DireWolf Dogs - American Alsatian Dog - Bazooka


Dire Wolf Project - DireWolf Dogs - American Alsatian Dog - Bazooka


Dire Wolf Project - DireWolf Dogs - American Alsatian Dog - Bazooka


Dire Wolf Project - DireWolf Dogs - American Alsatian Dog - Bazooka


    Dire Wolf Project - DireWolf Dogs - American Alsatian Dog - Bazooka and Mom














American Alsatian Dog - Dire Wolf Project - DireWolf Dog - Bazooka



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O = ideal American Alsatian dog temperament

O = Bazooka's temperament


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Pedigree Chart

Dire Wolf Project - DireWolf Dogs - American Alsatian Dog - Al


Topper Grinch
Bambi Fremont

Dire Wolf Project - DireWolf Dogs - American Alsatian Dog - Q'Leanna


Mr. Q English Mastiff
English Mastiff


Black Swan





Bazooka is extremely healthy. He has not had any tremors, seizures, weakness in the legs or feet, limping, panosteitis symptoms, issues with his eyes or ears, excessive scratching or other allergy symptoms, soft stools, etc. He runs, jumps, lopes, lies down, etc without any difficulty. He has a tendency toward compulsive overeating resulting in one episode of bloat. This comes directly from his English Mastiff ancestry and we will be breeding on in the generations to eliminate this feature in his line. Otherwise, he is extremely healthy and vibrant. 



Bazooka is an extremely intelligent dog that loves to please. He is more on the submissive and is not dominant in the least. He is a confident dog and does not always ask permission before exploring where he wants to go. However, he does not tend to go far from his owner's side, as he is highly bonded in a calm and devoted way to humans. He is generally compliant and willing to do whatever is asked. He easily accepts life as it comes and can be seen to remain happy at all times. Nothing really gets him down. It is for this reason that he shows an even temperament without excessive highs and lows in attitude or character. He rarely gets upset or bothered by anything that comes his way in life. He is somewhat on the submissive side of life and can be manipulated by other, more dominant, dogs; although when it comes to food, he is eager to have his portion and shows an anxiety around food that is notable. This anxiety around food dissipates somewhat when other dogs eat away from him and he does not have to worry about if they are going to want to take his food from him. He loves eating and would eat uncontrollably if allowed. This trait is innate and comes directly from his English Mastiff ancestry. Bazooka is a calm dog. He is friendly to strangers yet easily differentiates between those he knows and those he does not know. He did not require socialization training to become secure around unknown people, dogs, and environments. He does not appear to lack confidence in himself. Bazooka is highly bonded to his owners and looks to them for direction. He is interested in exploring the world around him, but is also extremely patient with a certain confident attitude that allows him to remain comfortable in tense situations. He does not appear to have excessive prey drive. He does love chew toys and treats, but his powerful jaws easily rip and tear less durable toys to bits. Bazooka is highly alert to his surroundings and takes in many things all at once. He enjoys watching life unfold and cn sit still for long periods of time in observation. He notices a great deal happening at a good distance and uses clear discerning skills to make decisions simply by watching how others interact. He is not much interested in playing and is more on the serious side of life, although he loves to go for walks, staying close to his owners out of desire to remain nearby. Bazooka is not sound sensitive and does not instinctively fear thunder or gun shots. He has a very high pain threshold and he can take a lot of pressure before he communicates his displeasure. In other words, he does not easily yelp out in pain from minor afflictions. 



Bazooka is an extra-large light gold wolf gray dog with a black mask, brown eyes, and drop ears. Essex is on the broad and muscular side of the spectrum, but not as broad in his shoulders and rear as an English Mastiff. He will likely reach 120 pounds as an adult and stand at least 27 - 29 inches tall at the shoulders. His legs, both front and back, come straight down without any tendency toward pigeon-toed, cow-hocked or bow-legged. He does have a tendency to trip on occasion when walking due to his extra large feet, but has a very easy gait that glides along as he trots. He has a nice straight back with no tendency toward a taller rump. Bazooka's tail is short in length and does not curve up when he is happy or excited. His tail tends to remain low and down even when he is happy and wagging. He has an extra large head and large drop ears. He shows dark pigmentation with only minimal tendency toward white spotting. Bazooka has proper teeth alignment and his muzzle is a bit short in length overall. Bazooka has a shorter double coat that sheds during the season changes. Everything brushes right off of his harsher coat type, including: brambles, stickers, and other debris.



Bazooka does have a tendency toward bloat due to his compulsive eating disorder, which includes a slight anxiety with food. This known issue is mitigated completely by strict portions during feeding. This tendency will be bred out in further generations. He does not show any faults in temperament according to American Alsatian dog inherited temperament standards. Bazooka possesses a shorter muzzle than we desire overall. His ears are too large without any tendency toward erectness. His body type is slightly shorter than standard. 


What He Will Consistently Produce: 

light gold and silver wolf gray coloring

brown to amber eyes

drop ears

straight back

excellent health

(compulsive eating inheritance is currently unknown at this time)

black pigmentation, no white spotting
black masks

broad/heavy in stature

thick in frame

extra large head size

large paws

straight, short tails


Medical History:

born: 11-07-2019