DireWolf Dog Puppy Adoption Questionnaire


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house apartment mobile home other
rent own
none 1-2 3-4 5 or more
http://leerburg.com/socializepuppies.htm http://leerburg.com/puppygroundwork.htm http://leerburg.com/philosophy.htm
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I certify that I understand the information provided regarding containment. I will use containment training strategies for my new puppy's safety and security.
pet quality breeding quality I'm unsure and would like more information about this.
Male Female No preference
By Air Pick up in person Pet transport facility I'm unsure and would like your advice
DireWolf Dogs of Vallecito waiting list only Both DireWolf Dogs of Vallecito and Schwarz Kennels
I understand that the wait for a puppy can be 1 year or more. I am prepared to wait if necessary. I acknowledge that DireWolf Dogs of Vallecito cannot sell puppies/dogs to minors.
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If you are considering an American Alsatian dog puppy from us, we are flattered. We know that you have done your research, and have learned that we work very hard to breed and raise pups that are extremely healthy, quiet, calm, intelligent, and stable in temperament.  Our pups are extensively handled and played with after they have been temperament tested twice. By the time you get a DireWolf Dog of Vallecito puppy, he or she has been exposed to all types of surfaces, noises, and sights. Your new pup has been on solid food for at least 2 weeks, and been wormed and vaccinated appropriate for his or her age.

DireWolf Dogs are always a member of the family. By filling out this questionnaire, you are accepting the responsibility of lifelong care for your dog. We feel our puppies are special and want their new homes to be special. Our pups will need love, attention and training. 


DireWolf Dogs of Vallecito requires you to complete the following questionnaire, be officially approved and submit a $600 non-refundable deposit in order to be on the waiting list for an American Alsatian dog puppy.  Please complete the following questionnaire in detail so that we can start to get to know you.  We will contact you over email in order to learn more about you and talk about any questions she has from your answers.  Thank you for your interest in the American Alsatian dog, the only large breed of dog specifically bred as a companion dog.


If you are considering purchasing a puppy with the intention of breeding, you must disclose this before you purchase your puppy.  There are strict guidelines to follow when breeding the American Alsatian dog and you must be willing to follow them as well as our Code of Ethics before starting on the journey toward breeding these dogs.