2017 Spring Litter



Spring, 2017



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Puppy #1 (male)


Color: drk green

TT #1: 7.6

TT #2: 6.5

TT #3:

Not for Sale Vallecito Alsatians



Puppy #2 (male)


Color: lt green

TT #1: 7.6

TT #2: 5.8

TT #3:






Puppy #3 (female)


Color: pink

TT #1: 6.6

TT #2: 2.8

TT #3:

$2200 Schwarz Kennels



Puppy #4 (male)


Color: brown

TT #1: 6.9

TT #2: 4.1

TT #3:


Susana G.




Puppy #5 (male)


Color: tan

TT #1: 7.3

TT #2: 2.7

TT #3:


Jane W.





March 17, 2017: Puppies received their first puppy vaccine today. It is a 5-in-1 shot and includes: canine distemper, canine hepatitis, adenovirus cough (kennel cough), parainfluenza, and parvovirus. 


March 12, 2017: Puppies received their second dose of round worm medication. They took 5 cc's of Nemex 2. Elwin was also wormed at the same time. 



Sax                                          Oboe                                 Clare



Sax                                          Cello


March 10, 2017: Puppies have now been introduced to outside of their den. They have access to the outside play yard where we put down wood shavings and chewies and plush toys for them. They are learning to keep their feet on the ground and not jump up on the fence or gate. They are also learning that they need to wait at the gate opening until the person has come in safely. They have also begun to learn to keep away from underneath people who are walking so they do not trip anyone. They are quite smart and learn the rules efficiently. They have been introduced to wood floors, dirt, sand, gravel, wood shavings, grass, carts, wood piles, people they do not know, and water puddles. They are very keen to explore and check out everything around them. Clare is the most outgoing, followed by Sax, then Oboe, Harpo and last is Cello, who watches and learns from the other pups first. 



February 26, 2017: Puppies received their first dose of round worm medication. They took 2 cc's of Nemex 2. Elwin was also wormed at the same time. We did not see any worms in the puppies' stools, however, Elwin did pass a few of them. We will worm again in 2 weeks. 




February 15, 2017: The puppies are beginning to open their eyes and ears now. They are very large in size and are extremely healthy. They are growing very well. Elwin continues to be the model mother and has taught them very well how to move to the center to stay in a pile and remain together. They eat a lot and Elwin knows when to come and when to stay away so that they can rest. 




February 6, 2017: Elwin is actually taking care of seven puppies and from time to time you will see two black puppies in the mix as well. Elwin graciously accepted another mother's puppies. The black puppies are not for sale through Vallecito Alsatians, LLC. We are in the process of learning about each puppy's differences in temperament and will update on what we have found thus far. One common trait in Elwin's pups is that they are unwilling to tolerate discomfort. American Alsatians, in general, do not mind being turned over or placed on a scale or put in an unfamiliar place, but these puppies struggle and some cry out when they are not content. More on that when we look at the individual puppies. Again, please understand that those interested in these beautiful puppies should have had puppy raising experience and know how to handle a more dominant, stubborn type of dog.  




February 3, 2017: Elwin had her first puppy at 11:00 am. Each puppy's delivery was exceptionally easy with all puppies arriving normally and without incident. Elwin took one hour and 30 minutes to deliver all five puppies. Elwin is proving to be an excellent mother and understood right away that she needed to be gentle and scoot her body around instead of getting up and moving. She takes great care of her babies. There were 4 males and 1 female in the litter. All of the puppies have excessive white spotting and show a gold wolf gray coat and will look very similar to their father Kerberos.