2015 Fall Litter

Dam: Sprinkle  Sire: Huck









Queen Guinevere

Puppy #1 (Female)


Collar Color: Orange



Temp Test #1: 6.7

Temp Test #2: 8.3

Temp Test #3: 8.7




 Aubrey W




Morgan Le Fay

Puppy #2 (Female)                                                                                 HS02001-2

Collar Color: Purple



Temp Test #1: 5.4

Temp Test #2: 7.5

Temp Test #3: 8.7






New Jersey 




Puppy #3 (Male)


Collar Color: Yellow



Temp Test #1: 4.9

Temp Test #2: 7

Temp Test #3: 8.3






New Brunswick, Canada



Lady Igraine

Puppy #4 (Female)                                                                                 HS02001-4

Collar Color: Red



Temp Test #1: 10

Temp Test #2: 8.8

Temp Test #3: 8.7


 Not for Sale 


  Vallecito Alsatians 



King Arthur

Puppy #5 (Male)


Collar Color: Blue



Temp Test #1: 3.5

Temp Test #2: 7.5

Temp Test #3: 8.7





Alex B.

Salt Lake City, UT 



The Black Knight

Puppy #6 (Male)                                                                                 HS02001-6

Collar Color: Lt. Green



Temp Test #1: 8.3

Temp Test #2: 6.5

Temp Test #3: 8.3





 Christopher M

South Carolina 



Sir Galahad

Puppy #7 (Male)                                                                            HS02001-7

Collar Color: Dk. Green



Temp Test #1: 9

Temp Test #2: 8.7

Temp Test #3: 9.2


 Not for Sale


 Vallecito Alsatians 



The Mists of Avalon

Puppy #8 (Female)                                                                                 HS02001-8

Collar Color: White



Temp Test #1: 8.7

Temp Test #2: 9.3

Temp Test #3: 8.3


 Not for Sale 



Vallecito Alsatians 



Lady of the Lake

Puppy #9 (Female)                                                                                 HS02001-9

Collar Color: Pink



Temp Test #1: 9.1

Temp Test #2: 8.8

Temp Test #3: 10.2








Lancelot's Legend

Puppy #10 (Male)                                                                                 HS02001-10

Collar Color: Black



Temp Test #1: 8.5

Temp Test #2: 8.5

Temp Test #3: 9.3


 Not for Sale 


 Vallecito Alsatians 





November 21, 2015 - The puppies received a third dose of round worm medication today.  Also worked heavily on all of the pedigrees and received the registration certificates from the National American Alsatian Registry.  Puppies should see the vet early next week if all goes well.  Then, we will complete the puppy health check-up forms provided from the National American Alsatian Breeder's Association and completed for all puppies born into the Dire Wolf Project.  


Sprinkle's Litter 11-20-15


November 20, 2015 - The puppies received their first set of puppy shots today which consisted of five different modified live viruses including: distemper, canine hepatitis, adenovirus cough (kennel cough), parainfluenza, and parvovirus.  They also explored out in the snow today, but weren't that interested in staying long as it was cold and wet.  The puppies were great at following along behind and it was fun to watch them frolic through the backyard.  


November 16, 2015 - Third temperament test took place today.  Overall, the puppies did an excellent job and are willing and submissive.  They have confidence, but not too much that they are unruly.  They look to their humans for assurance and are bonded and willing.  They love affection and being loved on.  I can't wait for you to meet your new friends.  


November 5, 2015 - The puppies were weighed, measured, and pictures taken today.  As soon as Tripod allows me, I will update the pictures.  ;)  I will place the new ones on Facebook, in the meantime.  


Sprinkle's Litter 11-05-2015


October 27, 2015 - The puppies are growing larger now.  They have their ears and eyes open and are beginning to play with one another.  We will be putting various toys in their den so that they can learn to play with them.  Also, lap therapy will begin now that the second temperament tests are almost completed.  We also updated prices today based on the new temperament testing scores and how they match up to the standards in temperament and conformation.  


Sprinkle is now in full recovery mode.  She is walked and trotting on her own as well as getting up and down.  She is still a bit wobbly, but otherwise in great spirits.  We are so proud of her and know that she will continue to do better and better in the coming days.  Thank you for your prayers, everyone!


Sprinkle's Litter 10-19-2015


October 19, 2015 - The puppies received their two week weight and measurement updates as well as new pictures and descriptions.  Sprinkle remains stable at 100.4 degree temperature, but is extremely weak and cannot walk on her own without assistance.  We continue to pray for her swift recovery.  

Sprinkle's Litter on 10-17-2015


October 17, 2015 - Sprinkle's fever broke and she is now back down to 100.5, a normal temperature for a dog.  She is still weak and will still require time to recover, but there is some hope now.  The puppies are getting used to the new routine and are beginning to drink water and use the bathroom on their own.  They eat a LOT every 4 hours and are healthy and growing fast.  


October 16, 2015 - Not everyone can be a dog breeder.  This litter is a testament to that.  If ever there was an emotional and physically challenging litter, this is it.  As you know, we had to rush to an emergency c-section due to a constricted uterine horn and a large pup.  We lost two pups during birth, both males.  Sprinkle recovered well with amoxicillin and her genuine love for her babies and all the puppies have been growing well with lots of milk production and a warm body into which they could snuggle up.


However, in her movements about five days ago, Sprinkle accidentally stepped hard on a puppy's front leg causing a dislocation of the pup's right elbow, which also took us to the vet.  The elbow was reset and the pup is doing marvelously well now, but the initial pain and trauma was real and so difficult to endure at the time.  


Now, over the last few days, Sprinkle has developed severe and life-threatening mastitis, which is an infection in one of her mammary glands.  It has become swollen and bruised causing her to have an extremely high 106 degree temperature, potentially causing organ failure.  Once again, she was rushed to the emergency vet's office where they gave her Rimadyl, an anti-inflammatory non-steroidal drug to reduce the effect of the infection, in order to save her life.  Unfortunately, this is such a potent drug that she will no longer be able to nurse her puppies.  Thus, the puppies have begun drinking milk replacer and eating ground chicken and beef.  It is a big job taking over a mom dog's duties!  The puppies are doing extremely well, considering.   Sprinkle remains in critical condition at this time with a temperature remaining at 104 degrees.  She will continue to rest and receive life-saving medication and care in the vet hospital until her mastitis ruptures, draining the infection and hopefully reducing her fever to a more reasonable level.  


If that wasn't enough, we learned that a nerve in Sprinkle's back was damaged at some point during the pregnancy or the birthing process and so she is having a difficult time using her back two legs.  She wobbles while walking and must sit to urinate as she cannot hold her back up.  The veterinarian states that this nerve will take time to regenerate and revitalize.  However, she may never be able to walk as well as she did before she had her puppies.  


No one could have predicted these things would occur to Sprinkle.  She was hip/elbow x-rayed, checked for heart and all her blood work was all normal.  She did not give birth until she was 2 years old.  She has the best temperament and is so loving and sweet to all.  Everything that could have been done to make sure that she was ready for motherhood was done before she even bred.  Sprinkle just happened to have the worst time ever giving birth and raising her young.  It is extremely difficult to see her in this much pain and we hope and pray that she recovers soon.  


No, it's not easy being a dog breeder.   It's not that this sort of thing happens all of the time, but it's just the fact that it CAN happen... to even the most conscientious breeders.


Sprinkle and Lady on 10-13-2015


October 13, 2015 - The puppies had their pictures and measurements done today.  They are growing well and have really gotten into the routine and have learned how to move around Sprinkle when she comes.  The pups' eyes are opening and so they shall have their ears open soon, too.  They are fat little roly polies and starting to look like cute fluffy puppies now.



October 6, 2015 - All of the puppies have now had their first temperament test and pictures.  You can click on each puppy's name, then scroll all the way down the page to see the new information.  Just as we predicted, we have a lot of diversity in temperaments in this litter.  This is because this litter is a second generation away from a Lab/Malamute and a giant Malamute.  However, do not underestimate these puppies because of that.  If you do, you will be sorry that you missed out. These puppies are lovely and they will all go on to be great dogs.  The scores represent the scores compared to the official American Alsatian temperament standards, which are very strict and precise and do not reflect a comparison to all dogs.  Also note that scores are primarily for breeders, but we post them for you so that you can follow what we do and how we do it. These scores will change! Do not be discouraged if your favorite dog's scores are lower at this moment.  Puppies with lower scores give us a baseline with which to work with the puppy and move the scores up through proper training before they even get to your house. It is one of the ways we individualize to each puppy's needs. Right now, you are looking at what we call the RAW dog™ temperament.  Scores reflect no training or experience, after all the puppies are only three days old.  They may always have certain tendencies, but through training, we can bring out the good stuff and diminish the stuff we do not want.  


Also note: Puppies with prices above $3000 are, at this time, potentially exceptional puppies with breeding quality traits in temperament for the American Alsatian breed.  If we see the temperament scores drop or behavior contrary to what we expect for an American Alsatian, the price will likely drop to reflect the new information we acquire.  I cannot say at this time whether that will happen or not. But, what I see in the those puppies is a lot of potential to become an asset to the breed.  


Puppies with "Not For Sale" on their price do have a monetary value.  Do not be alarmed.  I have stated the price on their respective pages publicly because I want you to know what they are worth to the breed.  Because this litter cannot be repeated and I would never be able to get this particular match again as well as the fact that the puppies mentioned show great temperament scores for a second generation crossbreed and the fact that we are introducing the no mask gene which is extremely valuable to the breed's future, they are worth much more to the breed than one would ever imagine. 



October 3, 2015 -  Five puppies born normally, then one stuck puppy was held up in what seemed like a blockade and would not come out.  We rushed to the emergency vet's office and ultimately had to have a c-section, in which seven other healthy puppies were born.  Overall, Sprinkle had 12 puppies, but two did not survive the birth.  Sprinkle is doing exceptionally well considering, but we found out through the surgery that Sprinkle has a small more closed in pocket in one of her uterine horns and will not be able to have further puppies without having a c-section.  This is a huge health risk for Sprinkle and we simply cannot put her through that a second time.   Therefore, this is Sprinkle's first and only litter of American Alsatian puppies.  Congratulations, Sprinkle, for your new beautiful babies and thank you for your courage and bravery.  You are a special momma and we love you to pieces!