2014 Fall Litter

Puppies have arrived

October 31, 2014!

Dam: Bonnie Lee,  Sire: Cool Moon (Hemi)


Color Coding

Temperament Testing





Puppy #1 (Male)

Collar Color: Green

Temp Test #1: 6.6

Temp Test #2: 8.3

Temp Test #3: 8.5


George G.



Hocus Pocus

Puppy #2 (Female)

Collar Color: Orange

Temp Test #1: 7.5

Temp Test #2: 8

Temp Test #3: 8


Beth R.



Trick or Treat

Puppy #3 (Female)

Collar Color: Brown 

Temp Test #1: 6

Temp Test #2: 8.5

Temp Test #3: 9.3


Cari D.






Magic Myst

Puppy #4 (Female)

Collar Color: Tan

Temp Test #1: 9

Temp Test #2: 7.2

Temp Test #3: 6






Puppy #5 (Female)

Collar Color: Purple

Temp Test #1: 9.4

Temp Test #2: 7.2

Temp Test #3: 8.8


Matt/Caitlin L.

(New Mexico)


Tomb Raider

Puppy #6 (Female)

Collar Color: Light Green

Temp Test #1: 8.3

Temp Test #2: 9

Temp Test #3: 7.7


Chris S. 



Glowing Ember

Puppy #7 (Female)

Collar Color: Red

Temp Test #1: 6.5

Temp Test #2: 10

Temp Test #3: 8.7

Not for Sale


Vallecito Alsatians



Broom Hilda

Puppy #8 (Female)

Collar Color: Yellow

Temp Test #1: 7.3

Temp Test #2: 8.8

Temp Test #3: 9.2







December 27, 2014: Three puppies traveled to their new homes today: Twilight, Hocus Pocus, and Tomb Raider.  They are all doing excellently and are so quick to learn new things.  We will certainly miss them, but are so happy that their new families are taking such great care of them.


December 23, 2014: The puppies all piled into the Trailblazer for a trip to the vet today.  They were very good, except for Trick or Treat who wanted to let everyone know that she was too crowded in the crate!  Haha!  Each puppy was taken out and examined thoroughly by a vet at Bayfield Animal Hospital.  They had their hearts checked (all passed) and their joints manipulated, felt their bellies and teeth, and had their weight and temperature done.  All of the puppies passed with flying colors.  Thank you Bayfield Animal Hospital, for taking such great care of us.  


December 16, 2014: The weather has turned pretty cold now up here in the mountains.  We have added a second heat lamp above the dogloo that shines right at the entrance and put down a few layers of aspen shavings inside to keep the pups off of the colder plastic flooring.  They are warm and dry in their little den outside with Bonnie Lee to watch over them.  


December 13, 2014: The puppies will participate in the third formalized American Alsatian temperament test today.  They are growing very large and sweet.  Bonnie Lee is weening them now as they stay longer and longer without her.  The puppies are very alert and aware of their surroundings now.  They love human interaction and are very playful and want to be with humans all of the time.  This is a great litter of puppies for sure.  We've noticed some certain things with individual puppies after watching them interact with each other, sounds in their world, and humans.  Please see their respective pages for more information. 

December 6, 2014: Today was the first day that the puppies left the den to play in the yard.  They loved romping around the yard exploring.  They are now 5 weeks old and such cuties.  They also met a stranger and all of them were great with him.  They watched him for a moment and then went up to him with waggly tails and lots of licking.  Great first greeting with a stranger.  


November 30, 2014: The puppies have transitioned to the outside pen now.  They have a dogloo that they love, clean straw, heat lamps, clean bucket of water and lots of food.  They really love the extra space.  


November 22, 2014: The puppies have come quite a long way since birth.  They are doing very well and beginning to play with toys and one another.  They are responding to sound and sight.  They had their first meat meal today, eating mashed up beef and chicken.  The puppies ate with gusto.  


November 15, 2014: The puppies are 2 weeks old now.  Their eyes are just beginning to open as well as their ears.  They are beginning to take their first baby steps on their wobbly legs.  We've updated all of the puppy pages with new pictures, measurements and notes.  Check out each pup out below by clicking on their name.  


November 9, 2014: The puppies are doing great.  Bonnie Lee is one of the best mom's we've ever had the privilege of having and she takes excellent care of her brood.  They are getting around very easily now and scoot quickly to their destination.  They know where they are in relation to their den.  This litter is extremely quiet on the whole.  The only time they make noise is when they are grunting to get to mom when it's time to feed.  


November 1, 2014: Bonnie Lee was rushed to an emergency c-section last night to deliver her puppies as the very first puppy was stuck and we needed to get him out.  She had 8 puppies, 7 females and 1 male.  


October 31, 2014: Bonnie Lee is having her puppies today!  Watch the LIVE puppycam and see them arrive.