2013 Summer Litter

This litter is an F2 crossbred litter as Nellie is a 1st generation American Alsatian X German Shepherd Dog cross.  It will have an inbreeding coefficient of .1875 (or 18.75%).  This is a backbred litter to a pure American Alsatian with 4 generations on his mother's side and 18 generations on his father's side.  The puppies will be very sweet and loving as well as intelligent and easy to train.  They will range in size from 75 - 100 pounds and some puppies will have easier to manage short wolf gray coats.  All ears will rise early.  The puppies in this litter will play fetch and tug and be excellent with children, dogs and cats.  The puppies will be excellent at obedience and learn rules quickly.  They will make excellent companion dogs, especially for families who enjoy walking, hiking, jogging, biking and other outdoor activities.  Temperament and conformation will be thoroughly assessed when the puppies arrive and we expect that they will range in temperament from 6 - 9 on our American Alsatian temperament scoring system.   Both Nellie Bly and Aslan have been health tested in the following areas: hips, elbows, heart, eyes, skin, no pano, no epilepsy, seizures, disorientation, or excessive tremors, and correct teeth positioning.  No signs of any ill health at any time have been experienced.  We will likely keep one silver male puppy from this litter to be bred back into the lines... depending on what we see from the litter.  If we do keep a male, we would like to co-own him with a family who lives in Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, or Colorado only.  This puppy will then come with a separate co-ownership contract.  Priority for co-ownership will be given to Nellie's parents.






Prince Caspian

Puppy #1

Temp Test #1: 3.6

Temp Test #2: 7.5

Temp Test #3:


 Schwarz Kennels


Captain Maugrim

Puppy #2


Temp Test #1: 6.8

Temp Test #2: 7.7

Temp Test #3:






Mr. Tumnus

Puppy #3


Temp Test #1: 10

Temp Test #2: 9.5

Temp Test #3: