2012 Fall Litter

Puppies Have Arrived!!

November 10, 2012!


Dam: Nadine,        Sire: Rainier


December 25, 2012: What a great Christmas present!  Thank you all who were able to send me back this page's lost information.   We appreciate it beyond measure.  The puppies send their kisses your way.


December 23, 2012: After saving the puppy pages, we accidentally lost the Litter Page and so we've had to recreate it.  Unfortunately, all of the litter notes are lost, so please bare with us as we try to recreate this page from memory and notes.  If you see a discrepancy, please let us know and we will fix it.  


December 1, 2012: This litter has turned out spectacular! They are excellent in temperament according to our standardized temperament tests and many puppies in the litter have far exceeded our expectations. Conformation is also excellent and even surpasses some of the pure litters in many facets. If you are looking for a sweet, even-tempered, mellow, quiet large companion dog, this litter is it! The prices have gone up to reflect the temperament and conformation scores that are very close to our American Alsatian standards. These puppies are awesome.



November 26, 2012: **LIVE** Puppycam. Each week day we set up our puppycam from 7am - 5pm MST for you to keep an eye on our puppies during the day. On the weekends we broadcast from 8am to 8pm MST. You can view them LIVE at: Vallecito Alsatians' Ustream.



November 21, 2012: It is with great sadness that we share the following information. Puppy #7 died in the night and is no longer with us. Today we grieve the loss of a beautiful life and a potential loving companionship lost. There is no indication this lovely puppy was ill or sick in any way. Please spend a quiet moment with us today to remember that life is so very precious and fragile and that each one of us are special beyond measure.


November 20, 2012: All of the puppies have quieted down completely and the initial noises, such as grunting and crying out, have disappeared. This litter is now extremely quiet and the puppies are only heard when mom jolts them or accidentally steps on them. The puppies are lightening up in their coat and some of the puppies that were showing a solid black coat from birth are now showing silver undertones, especially behind the ears and on the legs and belly. They are extremely healthy at this time with no health issues showing in this litter at this time.



November 10, 2012: All puppies in this litter are dark to light silver in color. They were born black or dark silver sable and will lighten as they grow. This litter is a bit more vocal than our pure litters, but the puppies are walking very early and are excellent in conformation and health at this time.




Color Coding

Temperament Testing




Can't Hold Back the Rain

Puppy #1

Yellow Female

Temp Test #1: 5.14

Temp Test #2: 8.5

Temp Test #3:





The Rains of Castamere

Puppy #2

Turquoise Female

Temp Test #1: 6.28

Temp Test #2: 9.8

Temp Test #3:





Rainy Nights

Puppy #3

Green Female

Temp Test #1: 8.71

Temp Test #2: 9.3

Temp Test #3:





Silver Lining

(Aka: Storm)

Puppy #4

Blue Male

Temp Test #1: 10.3

Temp Test #2: 10+

Temp Test #3:

Not for Sale

Vallecito Alsatians


Rain Shadow

Puppy #5

White Female

Temp Test #1: 10.1

Temp Test #2: 9.5

Temp Test #3:

Not for Sale

Vallecito Alsatians


Don't Rain on My Parade

Puppy #6

Lavendar Female

Temp Test #1: 6.14

Temp Test #2: 9.2

Temp Test #3:





My Kind of Rain

Puppy #8

Red Female

Temp Test #1: 10.6

Temp Test #2: 10

Temp Test #3:



(New Hampshire)


Velvet Rain

Puppy #9

Purple Female

Temp Test #1: 8.14

Temp Test #2: 10.3

Temp Test #3:







Puppy #10

Orange Male

Temp Test #1: 6

Temp Test #2:

Temp Test #3: